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30 Day Challenge PACK





Impactful Benefits to the following Body's Systems: ECS, Immune, Musculoskeletal, Nervous, Digestive/Excretory, Cardiovascular, Endocrine/Glands, Skin/Dermis.




• (1) 30 Day Capsules
• (1) 500 mg Tincture (30ml)
• (1) Relief Cream Travel Size (5ml)

If you dont "Feel the ReAction®" within 30 days we'll refund you 100%. No questions asked.

Limited to one per household.

Are you ready for Life Changing results?

Reduce Anxiety

Better Sleep

Lower Blood Pressure

Lose Weight

Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Regrow Hair


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I wanted to share my testimony about using these amazing FCE products for the past month. I'm a former athlete and small business owner. So, lots of aches and pains from the past, but also a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of anxiety. I have a lot of business during the day and when I started taking the tinctures in the morning it helped to curve my anxiety and help me to be able to feel my best during the day. I take the capsules at night before bed and I've had the best sleep ever waking up refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. I really feel the purity of the product from the formulation process and the extraction process makes a huge difference. I've used some inferior products before in the past and have not felt this great. I highly recommend you take the reaction products to be proactive in your health, feeling your best and to be able to perform your best as well every single day.

-Jimmy Le

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Before I was introduced to ReAction I had terrible sleeping patterns. I've had inflammation, especially swelling in my legs and around my feet. I've had really bad, irritable digestive problems and I've been on the product for about 2.5 weeks now and I can absolutely say that I'm sleeping like a rock. My inflammation has gone down and my digestive has definitely changed a lot. And for the better, of course, and you really should try this product. It will do wonders for you.

-Joyce Felder

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I am a licensed massage therapist. I have been for over five years. I feel lots of aches and pains in my hands and my elbows. I was introduced to the reaction product through a client of mine. He suffers from chronic pain in his knees. He came in and he brought in this magic little bottle of relief cream and asked me to use it when I was working on his knees. I was a bit skeptical, but hey, it's your hour. I'll be happy to. Well, what I started noticing was that for the rest of the day when I would see him, I felt a true change in the way my hands felt, they didn't hurt anymore. I didn't feel that aching, sore, tired feeling in my hands anymore and my elbows for that matter. I started really noticing the change it made and I as well started purchasing the product for myself and using it. I have used it on my clients as well. They see the same results. This cream has been an absolute game changer for my career and my career longevity. I'm very happy to share this with anyone who wants to give it a whirl because it works. I can assure you and I'm just so absolutely thankful that I was introduced to this product.

-Megan Fior

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I first began taking a CBD product when I was undergoing treatment for cancer six years ago. I was interested in finding something that would help to mitigate some the not-so-fun side-effects of my treatments. I first started taking a supermarket store-self oil which did not seem to do much for me. I was about to move on from CBD as an option when a friend suggested that I try ReAction capsules. I am very fortunate to have that friend and their counsel. Not only did ReAction work for me and help me to better endure my treatments, ReAction also diminished the chronic pain from my surgeries enough that I was okay not taking any of the highly addictive pain pills that the doctors prescribed. I believe that FCE ReAction is a superior CBD product and taking it daily has helped me in many more ways since first discovering it. Taking ReAction capsules daily now helps to lower my high blood pressure. ReAction has worked so well for me that my doctor has stopped one of the prescribed blood pressure medicines I was taking and is considering stopping the one reaming prescription pill that I still take. My doctor also believes that my taking two ReAtion FCE capsules daily is why my arthritis has improved and is no longer the painful nuisance that it was. ReAction FCE has significantly improved how I manage my health issues without my needing to take prescription drugs. ReAction makes me feel better.

-Rob Faller


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Our dogs Lucy-17yrs, Larry-17yrs old and Sammy-6yrs are now playing together. A few months ago, Lucy and Larry were not able to play with Sammy because they could barely walk. Ron and I started giving them ReAction products and we have seen a huge difference in both them. It has made it easier for them to get through their daily old age struggles. Thank you ReAction for giving our furry babies some comfort and the quality of life they deserve!

-Lindy Hornaday

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FCE™ has drastically helped Opie my Boxer / Pit mix… He suffers from separation anxiety, typically resulting in something getting destroyed when left alone... Since starting the ReAction products, we haven't had a single issue... He's still his normal goofy, energetic self only with the ability to control himself... I was hesitant, worried it would change who he was because nobody wants a pet that walks around emotionless or down, but instead it has enhanced all the qualities I love about him. As a bonus some of his playful puppy bounces came back. He’s almost 8 years old and has been by my side since he was 8 weeks old. He gets only the best of everything when it comes to his food, health and now I give him the best hemp/CBD products on the market. I am beyond happy to see him benefiting from the ReAction Full Spectrum Hemp Extract products...

-Josh Stroud


The FTR Foundation is committed to providing services that positively impact the lives of underprivileged individuals in need.


It is the Mission of the FTR Foundation to provide life changing Hemp based Full Cryosonic Extracts™ as an alternative therapy for deserving individuals in need. To that end, the FTR Foundation will use its network of Brand Ambassadors to target underprivileged individuals who could not typically afford these products. The FTR Foundation will provide free of charge the necessary Hemp based Full Cryosonic Extracts™ that are best suited for these select individuals and their needs.

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