Prior to starting FTR Global™, the CEO and Founder, Candice, was a wife and mother who had no plans to become an entrepreneur - but life had different plans for Candice. She had already survived cervical and uterine Cancer but, out of the blue, in 2018, she was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma Tumor. She decided to pass on the usual traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments and instead focus on a more natural path. In January 2019, after exhaustive research, Candice started taking Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts (FSE) and found the results she was hoping for. By the middle of 2019 whilst using only FSE Products and having zero traditional treatments, her scans started showing signs that the tumor had shrunk. She was living a quality of life that would have never been possible with the negative and painful side effects caused by the typical traditional treatments.

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From there, Candice became passionate about sharing her experiences and this more natural path she took with the world - and that how FTR Global™ was born.

Her passion, drive and determination to help others will make ReAction®, FTR Global™ a business-altering success. Her goal and mission starting ReAction® and FTR Global™ is to provide one of the industry's top products along with educating as many people possible to live a healthier more natural life while creating them wealth.

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After her life-changing experience, Candice was set on trying to figure out how to make what she calls the "life-changing" products accessible to others. After months of talking this over with her family and friends Candice followed her dreams and goals; to help share the life-changing experience with people around the country. Along with help from family, she marketed this product as FSE. After launching FSE and getting an overwhelming response, she wanted to get not only the product but education out to the masses. After months of going over different ways to get products and education out there, she decided to take the direct marketing route. In June 2019 FTR Global™ was born. Since the launch ReAction® and FTR Global™ has taken off to be one of the top CBD brands and companies in the industry.

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Our Mission - At FTR Global™ we are helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary things by providing a system to create a sustainable residual income while improving the quality of life of people around the world..

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Candice Hornaday

Chief Executive Officer & Founder


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David Rowden

VP, Operations
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Katie Mapel

VP, Marketing
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Jeff Arbaugh

VP, Communications