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"Our Mission at ReAction® is to advance the science of genetics, cultivation, extraction and formulation of high efficacy delivery systems for the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our pledge is to be “earth friendly” and always minimize environmental impact by developing advanced systems with zero carbon footprint while “setting the bar” with our advanced science in a largely unregulated industry.

ReAction® is committed to providing wellness and financial stability through our proprietary, “Best in Category” life changing products and opportunity. Changing Lives…Because it Matters!"


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Dave and Vicky Helms–CSO/CEO


Dave is a master scientist, multiple patent holder, and serial entrepreneur. His companies are known for high technology, efficient operations and consistent profits. ReAction® appears to be no different. For the past 10 years Dave and his wife Vicky have been on a mission to disrupt the cannabis and hemp industries by advancing the science behind the cultivation, extraction and production of the industry’s premium FCE™ products. The result of the process is a line of products, backed by proprietary science, which is offered in multiple delivery methods to optimize efficacy of the life changing compounds found within the plants. ReAction® products are poised to the obvious brand of choice for the future.


JD & Ronni Phillips–Leadership and Team Building Advisors


JD & Ronni will be acting as advisors to ReAction® to assist and promote the field development of business leaders through marketing, product sales and team building. They bring to the table a track record of building successful organizations in the nutrition, financial and retail gift industries. The driving leadership principle behind their success has always been their ability to create a culture of compassion, family and service to others. JD & Ronni view the keys to explosive growth for ReAction® to be a high sense of urgency coupled with massive action taken by each and every ReAction® team member....each and every day.

Tony and Rhonda Lucero – Founding Ambassadors


Tony and Rhonda are true veterans in the direct sales industry with over 54 years of combined experience. They are bringing the culture, lessons, fun and success of their past experiences to the FTR™ community. Together they have generated over 250 million worldwide in sales in the health and wellness space. Their last team consisted of over 50,000 team members that they affectionately called Team Mojo.

Tony is a world renowned speaker, author, business and personal coach and an expert in creating business systems for duplication. Rhonda is known as one of the top female professional network marketers in the world and truly is at her best working with her team to get results. Together they are very grateful to find a home sharing the FTR™ message to the world. Their expertise, insight, energy and their love to empower others to be their best, is why they are so excited to be here.


Dave Rowden-Operations Specialist


 With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration & Marketing and a background of Finance, Business & Operations, David has over 25 years of experience in the Health & Wellness/Direct Selling Industries. He has helped small, medium, and large companies grow both domestically and globally with distinction.


  His high level attention to detail paired with automation of processes and systems, have delivered successful outcomes across the product distribution world. Specific achievements cover new product launches, compensation plan design, execution, maintenance, supply chain strategy and Information Technology deliverables.


  David’s primary focus continues to be the success of the ReAction® team at all levels. He champions communications among management and the field and is committed to elevating our customer service to world-class levels.

Dr. Mike Binder-Functional Medicine Specialist


  Mike is an expert in the field of Functional Medicine. His passion for health and wellness focuses on providing restorative treatment to individuals suffering from chronic illness and pain, as well as modern day diseases like Diabetes, Autoimmune conditions, Dementia and Alzheimer's.


  During his twenty-five year career, he has completed extensive training in functional endocrinology. A majority of his time is spent focusing on chronic metabolic disorders, functional neurology, chronic pain management, and clinical nutrition. This training allows Dr. Binder to treat his patients with a Functional Medicine cause-based system versus the treatment of symptoms with pharmaceuticals.


  In the past decade, Dr. Binder has become a global leader in the fields of Diabetes reversal, Hypothyroid and Autoimmune Disorder reversal, as well as Alzheimer’s reversal. To his credit are thousands of cases of reversed diabetes.


  Dr. Binder is also a nationally known Author having written 3 books, 'Ending Alzheimer’s Forever,' 'Cracking the Diabetic Code,' and 'Cracking the Thyroid Code'. Mike has long believed in the power of functional medicine and a whole systems approach to treatment.

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