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The hemp plant could very well be the most important plant and discovery of our generation. Hemp is being used in many applications and products in our environment. Shampoos, beauty products, clothing, home building and relief with many health issues have been with hemp.

For hair strengthening and new growth hemp can provide a major benefit. We have a patent pending process called Full Cyrosonic Extract (FCE™) that is able to bring the most powerful, all natural, safe product in the market today for hair regrowth and other health issues we all face. In essence, every beneficial part of the plant (600 compounds) is used along with other patent pending processes to bring the most potent and intuitive supplement that stimulate hair follicles.


All natural ingredients
Simple to use
Grown aeroponically (sterile environment)
Cost effective
Fast working

Simply the way nature intends...natural, safe, effective and intentional!  


Hi my name is Tony and I am excited beyond anything to share my hair regrow story with you.  I was always the kid that was known for his hair. The long curls as a kid that I got from my mom.  Hair was always my trademark and something I constantly changed over the years.  I had many of my friends even in high school that had receding hairlines and even baldness and I always said, "that will not ever happen to me." 


As I got into my late 20's I became a musician and found myself on stage and started adding color, bleaching, straightening my hair and having fun with it.  Later in my 30's and early 40's, I became a comedy stage hypnotist and my hair became my trademark.  My fans would often come up to me and comment on the color of my hair or the crazy haircut I had.  Again I thought nothing would ever happen to my hair.  Well hello late 40's and early 50's!!! The shiny dome on my head began to truly reveal itself!

Every month I noticed the thinning of my hair on top of my head and the receding and started to wonder if I was going to be the first bald person in my entire family.  The back of my head and the top became so noticeable that I started wearing hats and cutting my hair shorter and shorter.  I bought special clippers, razors and finally decided to shave it all off.  I accepted the fact that I was going to bald and my loving wife loved it no matter what.  I was not giving up that easy!  I began my journey to look for lotions, shampoos, supplements and different treatments.  So many side affects, chemicals and expensive solutions that just never resonated with me.  I consider myself very health conscious and care about what goes in and on my body.  It wasn't worth damaging other parts of my health for a few thousand new hairs.  I accepted the fact that I was going to have to make the best of what was left.  But then I get a call.  My life forever changed in an instant.

A good friend of 37 years called me to check in and asked if I have heard of FCE™ and Full Cryosonic Extract™ (Full Cyrosonic Extract) or was I using it yet?  I had no clue what he was talking about, but I wanted to learn more about it.  FCE™ is the next level of wellness that is derived from the hemp plant, which in it's natural state has some amazing health benefits.  One of the products in the FCE™ product catalog was ReAction ReGrow.  An all natural, safe, effective solution for hair regrowth.  I had the opportunity to meet and talk to the developer and master scientist of the product and he said, "Tony put it on morning and night for 90 days.  You won't believe what will happen!"  I told him if it worked I was going to tell the world.   I was excited to try an all natural, pharmaceutical grade product to see if it would work.  I really didn't have high hopes as everything I have read about hair loss talked about hair being unable to grow back. Sept 5th 2022 I began to use the product.  Every week looking in the mirror, taking pictures of my head.  I became psycho about my head.  Can you relate?   I noticed more and more hair.  Here is my 2 month head shot.  A dropper full in the morning and a dropper full at night even the directions were only 1/2 dropper.  I wanted results quick and since it is 100% natural I was all in!!!

Since I posted this picture so my friends have been reaching out.  Covid did so much damage to our immune systems.  Stress, anxiety, diet and so much more has affected our bodies and well being.  So many women now have reached out and have started using this product as well and swear by this product.  

I am sharing my story with you to give you hope.  If this is a concern that keeps you up at night and that you hide from others, this very well could be what you have been wishing for.  It's safe, priced right and is a gift from nature.  Order some today you've got nothing to lose.  Well you do but...let grow it back!!

Thank you for letting me share my story with you.

Let's GROW!



So happy with my experience with ReGrow. A year ago I was almost completely bald and now a full head of hair that has grown in completely strong. Apply 4 times a day to my scalp in circle motions. I am bowed over with the ongoing success. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
I am a happy customer! 

Dave R.

Operations Officer

My hair is back growing again. My scalp is no longer dry and itchy. It feels great to be able to brush my hair again!
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Steve C.


Covid did a number on me with my stress levels and anxiety. Everyday I would see so much hair in the shower. I became depressed and started looking for solutions. In my search I came across FCE™ ReGrow. Finally a healthy alternative that was priced right and easy to use. I am grateful that my hair is growing again. Thank you! 
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Debbie S.

Senior Designer


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