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Beyond CBD... Affiliate Program

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25% Commission

Here’s your chance to promote your favorite ReAction CBD products on your social channels or business website! Once you become a ReAction Affiliate Marketer, you will be rewarded 25% commission on all personal sales on your website,

paid weekly.

Diverse Product Offering, High Average Orders, & Strong Conversion Rate

Our newly designed and optimized website has proven to produce high conversion rates as well as high average order amounts that are well above the industry standard. This means that our ReAction Affiliate Marketers will see more approved returns from the qualified traffic they send to your website. Combine those rates and order amounts with a diverse product offering and you have an excellent opportunity for success promoting ReAction.

Custom Personalized URL

No cookies need here, when you join our ReAction Affiliate Marketer program you will receive your very own personalized website, with a back office you can keep up with all your customers, emails, and track your progress.


Distributor Guide

Sign Up and Start Earning!

ReAction is now offering one of the most advanced affiliate marketing programs in the industry! You now have the incredible opportunity to share the products you love while earning commissions on referral traffic you send to your personalized website.

Discover this opportunity by applying to our affiliate marketing program through the APPLY NOW button below. Please fill out the application by providing as much information about yourself or your company. Once approved.. you’ll get to spread the word, share your personalized website, and earn commissions! It’s as simple as that!

Please note: We ask that you read the Distributor Guide prior to officially applying to our affiliate marketing program.

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