Case Study Research is just in the beginning stages but is producing promising results from high quality Hemp based extracts (like FCE™) for treatments as shown on the Table below. Note: the FDA has not approved the use of hemp based extracts for use in pharmacological treatments as of the date of this writing.



Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

  • Regulates and Balances the Body’s main System

  • Homeostasis

Immune System

  • Anti-Inflamatory

  • Auto-Immune Disorders

  • Allergies

Nervous System

  • Stress

  • Bipolar

  • OCD

  • Tourette’s

  • Epilepsy

  • Seizures

  • Parkinson's disease

  • Alzheimer's disease

  • Schizophrenia

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Migraine

  • Cluster and other Headaches

  • Dementia

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

  • Insomnia

  • Treat Opioid Addiction

  • Epilepsy and other Seizure Disorders

  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

  • Tumors

  • Neurological Disease

  • Glaucoma

  • Sleep Apnea


  • Cancers

  • Tumors


  • Eczema

  • Psoriasis

  • Rashes

  • Hives

  • Bug Bites

  • Urticaria

  • Allergies

Digestive/Excretory System

  • Appetite Loss

  • Anorexia

  • Cachexia

  • Gastrointestinal Disorders

  • Nausea

  • Crohn's disease

  • Diabetes

  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

  • Cramps

  • Tumors

  • Allergies

Musculoskeletal System

  • Arthritis or joint pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Osteoporosis

  • Tumors

  • Muscle Spasms

  • Phantom Limb

  • Spinal Injury

Cardiovascular System

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Blood Clots

  • Vascular Disease

Jonathan Lewis

Today I went to Jacksonville Mayo Clinic for my 6 month check up on my PSC (Primary sclerosing cholangitis). I am leaving Jacksonville with a Good Report. Everything is clear and looking good. I truly believe it’s the workings of all the prayers and ReAction FSE products. So glad God placed Billy Workman Jr., Lindy Hornaday & all the Hornaday family in mine and Brandy’s lives. I have been taking ReAction FSE for the past 6 months and my liver enzymes have lowered by 50%. Dr says to continue what I’m doing and see you 6 months. This is truly unbelievable, and I am so thankful for these products and friendships.

Josh Stroud

FSE has drastically helped Opie my Boxer / Pit mix… He suffers from separation anxiety, typically resulting in something getting destroyed when left alone... Since starting the ReAction products, we haven't had a single issue... He's still his normal goofy, energetic self only with the ability to control himself... I was hesitant, worried it would change who he was because nobody wants a pet that walks around emotionless or down, but instead it has enhanced all the qualities I love about him. As a bonus some of his playful puppy bounces came back. He’s almost 8 years old and has been by my side since he was 8 weeks old. He gets only the best of everything when it comes to his food, health and now I give him the best hemp/CBD products on the market. I am beyond happy to see him benefiting from the ReAction Full Spectrum Hemp Extract products...

Billy Workman Jr

 This journey has been an absolute blast with FTR Global and ReAction. With no experience in Network Marketing I have had huge success. In just 4 short weeks I have been able to double my income while helping so many with these amazing ReAction products along with helping my team have financial success. I couldn’t think of a better career to choose, I have been able to help people with their health and wealth at the same time and it’s been awesome!

Taylor Dahl

Lacey has allergic reactions to almost everything! She likes to chew on her paws and lick them when they bother her. I put pain relief on her paw and overnight it already started looking better!! It’s been a few days now and it’s about gone!! Reaction®️ is not only great for humans, but your dog as well! It’s natural, it’s a plant, it’s got so many healing properties!! It can help, if you let it!

RJ Bailey

So my 2 year old daughter fell in an Ant pile today. After screaming and yelling for the entire trip inside I applied some Relief Cream to the bites and affected area. After 2 minutes she began to calm down and say “Thanks Dadi” as the pain and itch was relieved.  It’s now been 10 minutes and the area looks much better to include no pain or itching and swelling. She acts as if nothing ever happen. I must say this is an item you want in all corners of the house for kids’ sake.   If you are interested in hearing more about Reaction Products just reach out to me at any time. The product is amazing and truly works...

Scott Stanley

Reaction has changed my life. I have struggled with anxiety and bi-polar type 2 for many years. I started taking Reaction products several months ago. I did not have outrageous

expectations going into it. I started using 1000mg tincture and some edibles as well. I will say in conjunction with my doctors I have seen a huge improvement in my anxiety levels and my down feelings are not going anywhere as low as they have in the past. I am now a full believer in the power of full spectrum extract. At this juncture my family is also using and benefiting from Reaction products. I also suffered from tendonitis in my wrist and with the help of Relief I have avoided needing surgery on it. Today, I am thoroughly impressed with the products and have a grateful heart for being introduced to them.

Lindy Hornaday

Last night I was at the dirt track and the top of my legs and my hips were in excruciating pain I could barely walk. It was damp and cold and very late 1:30 in the morning when our race started. Cammie said why don’t you rub some relief cream on them. All I had with me was Recovery cream. So I rubbed it on my legs and hips and in about 10 minutes my legs and hips were fine. I’m telling you these creams really work and they are really Amazing!!! 

Kelly Dyer

I just have to show how well the ReAction Relief Cream works. I forgot to turn the burner off last night and went to wipe down the stove top and burnt my hand pretty good. Immediately put the Relief Cream on and woke up forgetting it had happened, no pain at all. You can see I burnt it but never blistered and definitely no pain. Product is great to just keep in the cabinet just in case.