Full Spectrum Capsules


2 Strengths

210mg, 500mg

2 Sizes

7 day supply, 30 day supply

ReAction capsules are the perfect balance of precision and convenience. Take the guesswork out of your daily routine by incorporating these easy-to-swallow capsules, with or without food. Each capsule is carefully measured to ensure that it contains 33.3 mg of the same premium-quality Full Spectrum Extract that you’ve come to expect from ReAction. Discrete and easy to bring along wherever you go, ReAction capsules are perfect for busy lifestyles that thrive on consistency.


. Every ReAction capsule has 33mg per capsule (the          suggested dose per day) of Full Spectrum Extract, take    one capsule a day or as needed. Wait 3 hours after          (first time) use to see how the level of FSE may affect       you.

. Two mg strengths - 210mg and 500mg of Full                    Spectrum Extract.

. Two sizes - 7 day supply, 30 day supply


. FSE, organic flax oil, omega 3 oil.