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The Future of Wellness is here NOW!

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Only ReAction® contains FCE™
Full Cryosonic Extract™

The Future of Wellness
is here now!

Welcome to the world of ReAction® and FCE! Nature's organic way to create a mind, body, spirit and wellness connection.

We have learned so much over the few years about the importance of taking our health to the next level.  Stronger immune systems, relief from pain, stress, anxiety, more activity and a life of happiness is what we seek.  ReAction® FCE is the catalyst that will assist you on your path of creating the best version of you.  We invite you to experience "what's next" to achieve your health and wellness goals and discover a new you!  Welcome to ReAction® and a community that truly believes you are worth it!

What is FCE™? And why is it different??

Cultivated in a pharmaceutical grade, sterile, aeroponic closed environment, ReAction® is trusted as the safest, high quality, pure whole plant hemp extraction available. This 100% whole plant hemp extraction includes all 120+ cannabinoids, amino acids, proteins, terpenes, and all other plant compounds, extracted and maintained in their original form for maximum therapeutic effect. Always free of heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins. This extraction, known as FCE™ or Full Cryosonic Extract, is unparalleled in the industry and stands alone as the "Next Generation" of CBD.

Why FCE™ vs.  FSE, Distillates or Isolates?
The Entourage Effect

Only ReAction® contains Full Cryosonic Extract™ Crude

CBD terminology can be very confusing and counterintuitive. Historically, 99% pure would indicate a product to be of the highest quality, but with CBD nothing could be further from the truth.

Each type of CBD can have dramatically different effects on the body’s systems.

CBD Type Comparison

FCE™…engineered for the ECS.

 The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is the master controller for all of the body's systems.

FCE™ has cracked the code to optimize the ECS.









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The CBD Lie

Why FCE™ is the new Revolution
1:12 min.

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#1 Body System

The Most Important System in the Body
1:40 min.


Aeroponic Cultivation

Why Dirt is by Definition
1:25 min.


FCE™ Cryosonic Extraction

Why FCE™ is Better than the Rest
1:50 min.

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*Cannabidiol (CBD)  and Full Cryosonic Extracts™ (FCE™) are naturally-occurring constituents of the industrial Hemp plant. FTR Global/ReAction® does not sell or distribute any Products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (USCSA). The company does sell and distribute Hemp based Products.

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