Full Spectrum Pet Syringe

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1 ml

Our syringe is an perfect way to add Full Spectrum to your pet's treats or food. Each syringe is carefully measured to ensure that it contains 500mg of the our quality Full Spectrum Extract that you’ve come to expect from ReAction mixed together with hand picked ingredients that has shown to be helpful to all furry loved ones.


. ReAction syringe is 1ml of super concentrated Full            Spectrum Extract perfect to add to your pet's treats          and/or food. A little bit goes a long way, 0.025ml 1-3        times a day for smaller pets (under 15lbs) 0.050ml 1-3      times a day for larger pets (15 + bs).

. Mg strength - 500mg of Full Spectrum Extract.

. Size - 1 ml


FSE, raw honey, mct oil, omega 3 oil