Full Spectrum Recovery Topical

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3 Products Options

30ml Cream, 10ml Travel Size Cream, 30ml Salve

Recovery aids in recovery from daily aches & pain (burns, bruising & sore muscles) with using our 2100mg of Full Spectrum Extract and the perfect blend of high quality ingredients. Massage onto the affected area for best results. 


. Aids in the RECOVERY process of skin and body by          providing instant, all-natural relief from daily aches and    pains resulting from burns, brusing, cramping, sprains,    strains and sore muscles. External use only.


. All Relief products contains 2100mg of Full Spectrum      Extract.

. Three product options - 30ml cream, 10ml travel size        cream, 30ml salve


FSE, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, bees wax, proprietary Recovery blend, eucalyptus oil.