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Natural Wellness

The human body is the most complicated and amazing “self-healing” machine on the planet.

Science clearly shows that when the body’s systems are chemically or physically out of balance, the body will initiate auto-immune responses in an attempt to repair the damage. This automatic act of “self-healing” can often manifest and cause other various harmful conditions like dementia, cancers, tumors, etc., so maintaining internal balance, or homeostasis, is critical.

The FDA has not yet approved the use of hemp-based extracts for use in pharmacological treatments, and case study research is just in the beginning stages, but it is producing promising results from high quality whole plant hemp-based extracts (like FCE™) for treatments of conditions as shown below:

Reaction® with FCE™ is the Next Evolution of CBD™

We create the cleanest, purest, 100% whole plant hemp extract on the planet.

Your body’s most important system is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This system is the “air traffic control” system that regulates all the body’s other systems. The 1st secret is… keep the ECS in balance and all the other body’s systems will follow. The 2nd secret is… once your body is in balance, keep it there!


Ancient Chinese cultures have used extracts of the hemp plant for centuries due to the natural healing powers of this plant.  With the aid of technology, we have now perfected the cultivation and extraction of the hemp plant in its purest form with our patent pending, state of the art processes. These processes result in a unique extract that is known as FCE™ or Full Cryosonic Extract™ which is the cleanest, purest, unadulterated 100% whole plant hemp extraction available.

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Your health is your most valuable asset. Don’t risk it on fads, gimmicks, or misinformation… words like “organic”, “non-GMO”, or even “cruelty free” are all just “smoke and mirror” diversions. Fact is…when compared to the way ReAction® is grown and extracted, the inferiority and potential harm of other CBD products becomes painfully apparent.

The science behind FCE™ is unmatched in the industry. Don’t be deceived by the unfounded, inaccurate, and blatantly false statements spread by the many “bad players” in this unregulated Industry.

Cultivated in a pharmaceutical grade, sterile, aeroponic (no dirt) closed environment, ReAction® with FCE™ is trusted as the safest, highest quality, pure, whole plant hemp extraction available.

Only FCE™ has all the 120+ cannabinoids, amino acids, proteins, terpenes, and over 600+ total plant compounds, extracted and maintained in their original form for maximum therapeutic effect.

Always free of heavy metals, molds, pesticides, pathogens, and all other toxins, FCE™ is unparalleled in the industry and stands alone as the

Next Evolution of CBD™

ReAction® is supported by a community of like-minded people that want to feel their best…naturally… and share their “life changing” stories with others. ReAction® products are so effective that results are immediate and obvious, so sharing your story is natural and compelling to others, and when you’re a “product of the product”, it shows! This opportunity is unequalled in the industry.


I first began taking a CBD product when I was undergoing treatment for cancer six years ago. I was interested in finding something that would help to mitigate some the not-so-fun side-effects of my treatments. I first started taking a supermarket store-self oil which did not seem to do much for me. I was about to move on from CBD as an option when a friend suggested that I try ReAction capsules. I am very fortunate to have that friend and their counsel. Not only did ReAction work for me and help me to better endure my treatments, ReAction also diminished the chronic pain from my surgeries enough that I was okay not taking any of the highly addictive pain pills that the doctors prescribed. I believe that FCE ReAction is a superior CBD product and taking it daily has helped me in many more ways since first discovering it. Taking ReAction capsules daily now helps to lower my high blood pressure. ReAction has worked so well for me that my doctor has stopped one of the prescribed blood pressure medicines I was taking and is considering stopping the one reaming prescription pill that I still take. My doctor also believes that my taking two ReAtion FCE capsules daily is why my arthritis has improved and is no longer the painful nuisance that it was. ReAction FCE has significantly improved how I manage my health issues without my needing to take prescription drugs. ReAction makes me feel better.

-Rob Faller


Within a couple of weeks of taking the products, I noticed I had better gut health immediately. First things first. My sleep has been amazing. I had previously this summer been prescribed something for sleep and after taking it twice I knew it was absolutely not good for me. I would wake up feeling groggy. So on the FCE products I've been sleeping like a rock. I wake up feeling refreshed. I have that deep R. E. M. Sleep and I couldn't feel any better. I also had a knee surgery seven years ago. So between taking tincture, capsules and even the relief cream, I feel no pain or throbbing or inflammation whatsoever on that joint. The capsules alone have helped with stress and anxiety. On my day to day work driving around in the car, feeling stress, anxiety, nervousness has just totally floated away and I feel much better

-Andrea Yanno


Before I was introduced to ReAction I had terrible sleeping patterns. I've had inflammation, especially swelling in my legs and around my feet. I've had really bad, irritable digestive problems and I've been on the product for about 2.5 weeks now and I can absolutely say that I'm sleeping like a rock. My inflammation has gone down and my digestive has definitely changed a lot. And for the better, of course, and you really should try this product. It will do wonders for you.

-Joyce Felder

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